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Application of augmented reality using neuro-navigation system for individualized brain tumor surgery
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2022;17(2):68-74
Published online September 30, 2022
© 2022 Korean Skull Base Society.

Hyung Min Kim, Min Ho Lee, Tae-Kyu Lee

Department of Neurosurgery, The Catholic University of Korea, Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital, Seoul, Korea
Correspondence to: Min Ho Lee
주소 : Department of Neurosurgery, The Catholic University of Korea, Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital, 271 Cheonbo-ro, Uijeongbu 11765, Korea
Tel : +82-31-820-3799
Fax : +82-31-820-5378
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Received May 13, 2022; Revised July 15, 2022; Accepted July 15, 2022.
Background : With the recent development of augmented reality (AR) systems, it has become possible to implement three-dimensional (3D) images directly with a microscope using a navigation system. The authors would like to show how this AR system is used in brain tumor surgery.
Materials and Methods : From November 2020 to August 2021, consecutive patients who underwent brain tumor surgery were enrolled in this study. Preoperatively, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was obtained using a 3-Tesla scanner. Surrounding significant structures were segmented from MRI. Segmented objects were stored as analyzed images and imported into the navigation system. During the operation, a neuro-navigation system and a microscope were linked and applied. Through the eyepiece of the microscope, segmented objects could be overlaid in AR format on the actual operative field.
Results : Thirty-four cases were enrolled in the study. Patients comprised 19 male patients and 15 female patients. The median age was 60 years (range, 36-81 years); 11 cases were meningiomas, 10 cases were metastatic brain tumors, 8 cases were glioblastomas, 2 were hemangioblastomas, and there were 1 ependymoma, 1 giant pituitary adenoma, and 1 primary intracranial lymphoma. All cases were resected gross totally, except two cases (one glioblastoma, and one giant pituitary adenoma). There was no postoperative hemorrhage or infection.
Conclusions : Brain tumor surgery using the AR system can increase the convenience of surgery by providing intuitive information to the surgeon. The AR system may become an invaluable tool in delivering safer care to brain tumor patients.
Keywords : Brain tumors, Augmented reality, Surgical navigation systems, Simulation training

October 2023, 18 (2)
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