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J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):75-152
A review of the studies on facial reanimation surgery and concept of plasticity of the cerebral cortex
Shin Hyuk Kang, Hak Chang
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):75-84
Original Articles
Clinical analysis of temporal bone fracture patients referred from the regional trauma center
Minche Jeon, Beomcho Jun, Sunwha Song
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):85-89
Modified Torkildsen shunt: Application of the historical procedure for 4th ventricle tumors
Min-Gyu Kang, Chang Ki Jang, Hun Ho Park, Dong-Su Jang, Kyu-Sung Lee, Chang-Ki Hong
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):90-97
The influence of nanopillar structure size to fibroblast’s proliferation and alpha-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) expression
Eun Hye Kang, Sang Soo Lee, Young Sik Yun, Won Jai Lee, Jong Souk Yeo, Tai Suk Roh, In Sik Yun
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):98-104
Case Reports
Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of pterygopalatine fossa treated by endoscopic endonasal approach
Jungkyu Cho, Changhee Lee, Sang Duk Hong
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):105-108
Distal recurrence of intraspinal clear cell meningioma after intracranial surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy: A case report and literature review
Se-Jun Park, Yong-Eun Cho, Hun Ho Park, Kyu-Sung Lee
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):109-115
A case of mastoid cholesteatoma: Did it originate from attic retraction?
Dong-Hee Lee, Min-Hyeong Lee
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):116-121
A case of confusing ceruminous adenoma of external auditory canal
Young Jun Seo, Jeong Hae Park, Jae Sang Han, Kyoung Ho Park
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):122-125
Wegener’s granulomatosis with central nervous system involvement presenting as multiple meningeal masses: A case report
Gyeong-Gyu Park, Hyuk-Jin Oh, Jae-Min Ahn, Sung-Won Lee
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):126-129
A case of heterotopic salivary gland tissue in the middle ear cavity
Junuk Lee, Jae Sang Han, Jae Hyun Seo, Shi Nae Park
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):130-133
Surgical removal after gamma knife radiosurgery for skull base meningioma: Case report
Jae Cheol Lee, Yeongu Chung, Je Beom Hong, Han Kyu Kim
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):134-140
Rare cause of trigeminal neuralgia associated with an arachnoid cyst in petrous apex: Case report
Ji-Eyon Kwon, Nurani Rahma Arafah, Sung-Woo Cho, Kihwan Hwang
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):141-146
A case of endoscopic transcanal removal of neuroendocrine adenoma of the middle ear
You Young An, Se A Lee, Jong Dae Lee
J Korean Skull Base Soc 2020;15(2):147-152
Journal of Korean Skull Base Society is the official journal of KOREAN SKULL BASE SOCIETY (JKSBS) and publishes articles relating to retina and vit-reous biannually....
Hypoglossal-facial anastomosis after facial nerve transection
Jin Kim
Received April 5, 2018; Accepted April 30, 2018.
Rapid tumor growth in patient with vestibular schwannoma: case report and review of natural history of vestibular schwannoma
Il Jang, Gi Taek Yee, Myeong Jin Kim, Eun Young Kim, Chan Jong Yoo
Received August 25, 2017; Accepted August 25, 2017.
Surgical treatment of brainstem cavernous malformation
Ju-Hyung Lee , MD, Sun-Yong Son , MD, Sung-Han Oh , MD, PhD,Je-Beom Hong, MD, Han-Kyu Kim, MD, PhD